Supported PLCs

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If your PLC is not listed here, you may be able to either convert the code, or write your own plug-in. There are notes in the tutorial that describe how to do this.

If something does not work, please put in a bug report for it on the bug report page.


OMRON CS1 PLCs have been tested extensively. It should also work with any PLC supported by OMRON CX-Programmer or OMRON CX-One. Target language is ladder diagram only.


Some testing with Rockwell ControlLogix PLCs. There seems to be a limitation in the file format that does not allow the address to be specified. If anyone can suggest a solution for this, please let me know.

Siemens S7

Can produce an AWL format file, however this does not appear to be able to be loaded directly, but can be cut and pasted in. This seems to be a limitation of the Siemens software.


Basic support for IEC1131-3 languages including LD, ST, IL, based on the Rockwell file formats. Would appreciate to hear from people who have got these file formats to work.


Visual Basic has been tested, but more extensive testing will occur soon.

Java has been tested.